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Dawsons is a very well established Halaal Chicken and Frozen Foods Distributor based in Anderbolt, Boksburg, Gauteng. They distribute these goods mainly through their own chain of Retail and Wholesale outlets as well as many other independent large retailers. Their outlets are spread across Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Limpopo provinces. With their in-house large volume freezer capacity, they are able to store and distribute large quantity of products and fulfill the needs of this industry.

In 1997, we were commissioned to create a new version of our POSibility System and modify it to meet Dawsons specific requirements. At the time their operation consisted of the Dawsons and F. Dawood & Sons (Dunswart, later renamed to Poultry One Stop) only. All the other outlets were acquired much later. There were two major requirements that we had to cater for in the system. The first being, besides the 'Quantity' being the measurement of their products, we had to cater for 'Mass' as a measurement throughout the system as well.

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The second requirement came about due to their prevailing systems inability to perform the 'Daily Run' speedily. It would take at least two hours after the close of business to complete the 'Daily Run'. That meant that due to security reasons more than one person had to stay behind to complete the task. "Not so Brilliant!!", one would say. We designed a special 'OFFLINE' module that enabled them to do the data capturing in the offline mode while at the Back Office, they are able to do the Daily Backup and run the Daily Reports. About half an hour later, one by one, each workstation would be switched from 'OFFLINE' to 'ONLINE' mode and all their 'OFFLINE' data would be transferred across to the LIVE system. It eliminated the need to remain behind after the close of the business everyday. This feature has been a resounding success and has been in operation for over a decade.

As we put new features in our standard POSibility Premium system, Dawood's also asked us to introduce many of these features in to the Dawood's version of the system. Some of these include the following :

Automatic Backups
During Daily and Monthly runs, a backup is created automatically to secure the data, so that in case of emergency, data can be restored from these backups. A log is created, enabling the user to check when that particular Backup was created. A Random Backup can be created at any given time. There is an easy option to copy any of these backups to an external device like a USB Key or Drive.
Restore and Login
From the Backup Log, one could select any Backup and Restore the data from that particular Backup in to a temporary folder. One could then enquire or print from the temporary folder. No new transactions are permitted on the Temporary data.
SMS and eMailing
One could send Bulk promotional SMS to all or selected numbers on the database or Outstanding Balance SMS to selected customers. One could eMail Invoices, Statements and Quotations to the Customers.
Product Template
Setup Templates for different combinations of products to produce various Stocks and Sales reports..

Earlier version of this system is running at few other clients sites as well. Atlantic Foods in Kimberley have been using the system since May 2009.

The Farm Fresh Chickens group of Cape Town introduce the system in their new Mitchell’s Plain Branch in November 2011. In May 2012, we converted the Head Office data and brought them on board as well. 2013 saw the conversion of their Grassy Park Branch on the System.

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