Corporate Cellular Airtime Management System

The CellM@te System was designed in May 2000 for Transtel, the Communication Service Division of Transnet Group (a para-statal). At the time, Transtel were one of the Super Dealers for MTN in the Transnet Group. Employees of each of the Business Units within the Transnet Group were encouraged to signup Cellular Airtime Contracts with Transtel. Transtel managed these contracts on behalf of each of the Business Units. Some of the Subscribers were Fully Subsidized by the Business Units, others were partially Subsidized and the remainder had no subsidy from their Business Units. All this info was maintained in the System. The System was divided into two distinct operations. One which was Out Sourced to RapidSoft, had the following functionality:

The System was divided into two distinct operations. One which was Out Sourced to RapidSoft, had the following functionality:

  • Interface with MTN to collect and Upload the Monthly Airtime Usage details
  • Collect the Salary Deduction file for the Airtime usage from each of the HR Departments of each of the Business Units
  • Collect all the profile updates that were done by each of the Business Units
  • Collate the information and process it in the Month End procedure
  • Produce Statement for each of the Employee reflecting their Transactions together with MTN’s Itemized Billing Statement.
  • Post these Statements to the Employees
  • Produce and Deliver Control Reports for each Business Unit reflecting their Liability to MTN by their own Cost Centres
  • Send Salary Deduction Requests for the following Month to each of the Business Units HR department
  • Print and deliver the Summarized Reports to Transtel
  • Update each Business Unit with the latest Database

The second System which resided at each of the following Business Units:

  • Transtel
  • Transnet (Head Office and Several Branches)
  • South African Airways
  • MetroRail
  • Spoornet
  • Transwerk etc...

This system allowed each of the Business Units to maintain their Employees profile and attend to queries. The Transactions for each employee was available as enquiry or print. One could produce the Statement at any given time.


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