The Cellular Repairs Management System

The Cellular Repairs Management System was designed in December 2008 for a Sony Ericsson approved Repair Centre. It was designed as a complete ERP Workflow Management System which interfaced with our POSibility Point-of-sale System in order to produce Quotation, Invoices and Statements. Each phone is tracked from the time it is booked in to the system until it is repaired and dispatched back to the client. Every movement and status of the phone is logged and an audit trail is maintained:

  • Awaiting Diagnosis
  • Awaiting Repairs
  • Awaiting Spares
  • Awaiting Swap
  • Awaiting Quotation Acceptance (Out of Warranty Phones only)
  • Beyond Economic Repair (B.E.R)
  • Dead on Arrival (D.O.E Escalate)
  • Phone Replaced
  • Quotation Accepted
  • Quotation Printed
  • Quotation Sent
  • Quotation Rejected
  • Awaiting QC (Quality Control)
  • QC Passed
  • QC Failed
  • Repaired
  • Despatched
cellphone repairs

The system improved the Turnaround Time (TUT) for repairs to such an extent that Sony Ericsson decided to grant this Repair Centre the Reverse Logistics Hub (RLH) status, which meant that any Sony Ericsson Phone that needed repair anywhere in the country had to be brought to this Repair Centre exclusively. The System has few exclusive features that allowed user to Order Spares from SE Head Office in Germany, for the various Models, directly from the system, as well as each and every In-Warranty Repair details are extracted and sent as an electronic file to SE Head Office Germany so that the Repair Centre would be reimbursed for the Repairs by the SE Head Office. The system gained in popularity to such an extent that the Client decided to open up to Repairing of other Makes and Models of the phones other than Sony Ericsson as well.

cellphone repairs

The Workflow process usually follows the following steps:

  • The Booking Clerk Enters the phone details including Make and Model as well as record the Fault and Symptoms as reported by the Customer
  • The phones are sent to the Stores and from there they are allocated to an appropriate Technician for Diagnosis
  • The Technician records the diagnosis, captures photographs and attaches it to the Job on the system, and requests the necessary Spares to Repair the Phone
  • If the phone is 'Out of Warranty' then a Quotation is prepared and sent to the Customer
  • Once the Customer gives the go ahead, the Technician proceeds with the Repair
  • After the completion of the Repair, the phone is sent to the Quality Control Department
  • If the QC fails the Repair work, the Phone is sent back to the Technician for further Repairs
  • Once the Repairs are approved by the QC, the phone is sent to the Stores in preparation of its dispatch to the Customers
  • An Invoice is prepared for the 'Out of Warranty' phones only
cellphone repairs cellphone repairs cellphone repairs