Manufacturing Industry

The inherent nature of the manufacturing industry demands sophisticated, specialized software. Hence when providing software solutions to understand the complexities of the business. RapidSoft is committed to the highest standards when developing their software, with the needs of the client as a priority. The methodology adopted by RapidSoft leads to the creation of software that streamlines the production chain and allows greater insight and control of the production processes.

Linen-Tech & Linen Classics Linen-Tech is a Linen and Curtains manufacturer based in Newtown, Johannesburg. The integrated system we designed for them consists of Order Entry, Production Planning, Fabrics Control, Manufacturing Process Logging, Packing, Dispatching, Stock Control & Production Analysis.

Italian Textile Industries The Italian Textile Industries is a Sock Manufacturer who specialize in school uniform socks and sports kit socks. We designed an Order Entry and Production Planning system for them. The database caters for all the different specifications of colours and stripes for each of the school in the country.